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Faking flexion in Pilates-land
Faking flexion in Pilates-land

Are you a flexion faker? A dirty hinger in short-box? A shoulder huncher in the Pull-up or Push-through?  What is flexion? Anatomically, it’s bringing together or closing the angle of two body parts (joints, really). Think of the torso and legs coming together in a...

ANNOUNCEMENT : Nicholas’ new direction

December 2020 Now that I have a great team in place and we are finding some balance in 2020, it is time to take the next step in my career and focus on instructor education and maintaining my wonderful existing clientele. I am developing an on-demand instructor...

Pilates for Men
Pilates for Men

Pilates was designed to be tried and mastered by everyone, regardless of their gender identity or body type. Read on to find out the benefits of Pilates for men.


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