Studio Sessions

New client Pathway

You won’t be lost in our Pilates classes – we want you to be confident during your :me with us, ask plenty of ques:ons and try new things without pressure. That’s why we built a new client induc:on pathway for all clients who are cleared to train in the group programme. Join your instructor for two private session and a series of purpose-built classes at set :mes with a cohort of other new clients. You’ll have the :me and space to develop before jumping in to our levelled classes which is key when star:ng Pilates with us. By the end of this course, you’ll be clear on the basics and understand how to use your body in class with technical cues to avoid injury, operate the apparatus and maximise your Pilates experience.


This mode of training is our most versatile offering because it is centred around you and your needs. Completely customisable, scheduled six days a week and available online through ZOOM or at our studios in North Melbourne.


The original Pilates method includes several apparatus that commercial studios rarely invest in; however, we are here to change that especially in the group setting. We know that the true transformational power of the method lies outside of the Reformer, with our completely equipped studio, you will be able to build an enduring positive relationship with your body and exercise. 

With a maximum of eight clients per class, you are primed to learn from the best and benefit from our curated 16-week curriculum programme catering to three levels of instructor-lead practice.

All clients commence at the studio with at least 2-10 private sessions with our senior teachers, utilise this package to save $100

Your sessions include:

  • Conversations and reflection on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go (history and goals)
  • An introduction to fundamentals of human movement with exercises to work on at home based on your current state and movement /exercise objectives
  • An orientation to basic Mat, Cadillac and Reformer exercises preparing you for the group class programme 
  • Preliminary observations, advice and support on how your body moves, optimal technique for exercise and our forecast of your development
  • The conventions of Classical Pilates and how they assist your development
  • Screening to ensure you commence at the appropriate class level for your safety and education 

New client welcome promotion

2 x 55 minutes sessions – $199 (RRP $300)

Expires 10 days from first visit + our standard terms and conditions apply

Private Sessions

All eyes are on you. Private sessions are a collaborative approach to find comfort, agility and excitement in your body using the traditional Pilates method. We’ll also use current concepts in exercise-science and movement education to boost your body and mind.

Depending on who you are and what you like, sessions can flow, be more programme oriented or mix it up based on your mood and daily goal.

In these sessions, there is no one else to compare yourself with. We challenge you to build on each session and grow with your teacher.

Private sessions are equally as beneficial for rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement and are often the best way to train if you have unique goals or are preparing for a Pilates teacher training programme.

Whatever the reason, we are here for you.


Small Group Classes

Join our unique Classical Pilates group training programme

Our studio offers you a lifelong exercise discipline from your first steps through to independent practice and professional level certification. 

To bridge the gap between pure Pilates and modern life our Studio Director has pioneered a multi-level programme for group exercise that spans a 16 week semester. This stream incorporates drills, building blocks and adaptive tools to promote learning, physical proficiency and measurable progress for those looking to level up. This type of education is usually reserved for private tuition, however in our efforts to make the deep work accessible to everyone, we offer you this care in group training.

We have taken great care to assemble Australia’s most diverse array of Classical Pilates equipment well beyond the Reformer. Maximise your experience and results and train with a mix Reformer, Studio and even Wunda class!

The ultimate measure of our shared success is that you are able to attend autonomously and work thoughtfully and independently at any level. You will have spent plenty of time developing your own relationship with the classical work and just like in Joe’s original studio, frequent and diligent attendance underpins any physical or mental transformation.

Essential physical criteria to join group classes

  • You can quickly get down to the ground without using hands and can kneel on both knees up high (vertical) and low (hips resting on heels) in a deep squat
  • You can comfortably lift your head off the mat without supporting with hands for at least ten seconds with comfort  
  • You are able to move at the pace of the instructor and group 
  • It is safe for you to move your head, neck, spine and pelvis to maximum range 
  • Starter+ and beyond: You have base level fitness and can do 10 squats, hold a plank for 20 seconds and are comfortable to exercise even at low intensity for at least thirty minutes before a break

For your safety and quality of training additional criteria will be discussed at your private tuition including range of movement of the spine, shoulders, hips and ankles.

TMRNOW+ Our On-Demand Platform

Welcome to the on-demand world of The Movement Refinery Pilates studios. TMRNOW+ is here to offer you comfort, inner-strength and confidence from the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room. Classes are offered with and without equipment and are accessible to all levels of familiarity with the Pilates method. Choose from over 100 mini-work outs, tutorials and deep-dives into the body and the Pilates method.


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If you want to see what the true Pilates method, a studio built for real people and some cute plants can do for you … reach out here. We will make sure you are looked after. If you’re a new client, we will show you the ropes with our first steps package.