Studio Sessions

Private sessions

This mode of training is our most versatile offering because it is centred around you and your needs. Completely customisable, scheduled seven days a week and available online through ZOOM or at our studio in Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North.

Semi-private sessions

To help you get the most from your practice and life we offer training in a shared private mode, with a maximum of three clients per class. Whether you are looking to gain a better understanding in certain movements, are recovering from an injury, living with a health condition or are pre/post-natal, the small group format allows for the personalised approach, without the price tag.

Group classes / Joe’s Gym

Client + authentic Pilates + TMRPILATES = success!
Greatness, like exercise is individual. Want to wake up without stiffness, beat a PB or just tone up and be healthy… greatness looks different in everyone but inspires confidence in us all. Choose from daily classes including a guided practice in our starter classes, specialised apparatus classes or our independent seasonal programmes like Joe’s Gym or the Purist Club.

New Clients

Check out our first steps package to get started at the studio. We ask all new clients to complete these initial private sessions so that we can not only meet your needs but prepare you for our unique programmes.


Maximum of six clients per class.

Group classes are not available for rehabilitation, injury management or during pregnancy beyond 16 weeks (Joe’s Gym excepted).

Please note that all services have a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect. The studio is a zipper free zone – please check all active wear before your session.

All classes are prepaid, bookings are essential.

Private Sessions

All eyes are on you. A plan will be mapped out to meet your Pilates objectives and you’ll be taken through many ways to find comfort, agility and excitement in your body using the traditional Pilates method plus current concepts in exercise-science and movement education. You don’t have to compare yourself to others, we can move at your pace and make sure that all of the work is meets your needs.

Private sessions are equally as beneficial for rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement and are often the best way to train if you have unique goals or are preparing for a Pilates teacher training programme.

Whatever the reason, we are here for you.

Semi-private sessions

You’ll have access to a fully-equipped Pilates studio as well as a variety of teachers who are qualified comprehensively in the Pilates method (and beyond) who will act as you advocate and coach. Where required the Pilates teacher can act as a case manager and liaise with your medical professionals to ensure you reach your short and long-term goals.

Commence this pathway with our first steps package.

Group Classes


Once you’ve completed your first steps package this is a great place to start group training.
This class is also ideal for regular clients looking for a slower-paced class or a refresher of technical elements of the work, especially after an absence from the studio.

Get a work out, get the detail of the Classical approach and learn to be responsible for how you use the authentic apparatus. This is a full-body work-out using the fundamental exercises of the Reformer that TMRPILATES clients love and love to hate.


Once you’ve completed your first steps package this is a great place to start group training.
This class is also ideal for regular clients looking for a slower-paced class or a refresher of technical elements of the work, especially after an absence from the studio.

You’ll get to work on the Tower, the Mat and the Wunda Chair with an instructor who is there to guide your first steps into the world of Pilates, without cracking a whip. This will set you up to work in our classes that are faster-paced and eventually our Joe’s Gym (autonomous format).


The Reformer offers adaptable resistance, challenges your strength and balance and when done authentically, it is transformative. Our classes have no more than six clients per class so we can teach you the true work with care and precision.

In this class you’ll be taken through the signature series of Joe’s list (aka real Pilates) at a moderate pace. You’ll be guided as to how to operate the Reformer as part of your workout, learn the traditional movements and as you become more experienced, the linking exercises from one series to the next, we call them transitions!

Experience the Classical Reformer, it’s like nothing else!


Once you’ve nailed the basics, diversify your training experience and feel better in your skin as the strength and mobility focus of this class will keep you on your toes in the Pilates playground.

A combination of Wunda chair, Barrels and Tower tailored to individual needs and is suitable for the experienced beginner through to the Pilates professional. Add some spice to your Pilates schedule and enjoy the curved challenges of the barrel, the unforgiving yet rewarding Wunda and some spring time with the tower.

Joe’s Gym

This group class is scheduled seasonally in honour of how the creator of the Pilates method (Joseph Pilates 1883– 1967) operated his gymasniums in New York City. This style of training is ideal for those with a solid base at TMRPILATES or are experienced classical Pilates practitioners.

In a specialised private session or two we will co-design a programme for you to work through in your sessions that will utilise multiple apparatus and offer variations for the days you feel a bit off, or when your super-powers have activated. Your teacher will support you throughout your session, offer enhancements, modifications as needed but always plenty of encouragement and sass. 

This format also allows you to train throughout your pregnancy! 
Work at your pace and vibe. We guarantee that you’ll feel better when you leave.

The Purist Club

Join us for an authentic and powerful series of the 100% purist work of Joseph Pilates on most Saturdays in 2021. Invite only, this is an exciting opportunity to consolidate your work and punch up to the next level of your Pilates training. You’ll need to be up to the challenge, injury-free and have a solid base of Pilates sessions with TMR.

Purist Club Mat (55 mins) and Purist Club Reformer (75 mins), enquire within.


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If you want to see what the true Pilates method, a studio built for real people and some cute plants can do for you … reach out here. We will make sure you are looked after. If you’re a new client, we will show you the ropes with our first steps package.