The Pilates Teacher Network

This group is a lifeline to many members and has offered employment, training connections, advice and advocacy and a place to be ourselves.

The Pilates Teacher Network

The Movement Refinery director Nicholas Psarros started a community engagement project in 2016 to uplift the industry from within. Join our facebook group to keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry and to participate in our free and low-cost events. With over one thousand members from Australia and beyond, we come together from a multitude of Pilates training backgrounds and experiences to boost individually and collectively for a stronger, better industry.

During the COVID19 restrictions, our industry dealt with mandatory shut-down. TPTN offered multiple free workouts each week lead by Nicholas Psarros and featuring instructors from Australia and New Zealand. We were lucky to participate in a discussion on ‘soft skills in teaching today’ lead by international instructor Benjamin Degenhardt. TPTN members were also treated to an investigation of the teacher’s main instrument, the voice, with New York City based vocal and Opera coach, Jeremy Powell.

TPTN continues to stand by and for the work of Joseph Pilates and teachers of the method today.

TPTN operates with a unique culture and adheres to community guidelines to drive harmonious interaction and support. It’s an ego-free slice of haven where keyboard warriors and trolls will be kicked out!

Join us on facebook – The Pilates Teacher Network – answer the membership questions and lean in and lean on us.


“I can’t rave highly enough about you as a human, community builder, business person, pet-parent, friend and pilates guru.” 

Emerge Health and Wellbeing

“I had the pleasure of hosting Nicholas at Pilates House during two Perth visits. Each instructor workshop was truly energising and gave a huge boost of teaching skills, confidence and sense of community to all attendees. Nicholas is a wealth of knowledge and experience and a genuinely caring and nurturing person. I can’t wait for more workshops and courses on the West coast!”
Renee Seljig

Pilates House

“Nic is a Pilates colleague, friend and mentor and quite frankly my ‘good mate’ . During covid studio closure I’ve had an opportunity to do private sessions with him from Sydney. I am a Pilates teacher of 20 years and like many Pilates devotees I needed to work on self mastery. I found Nic to be the most amazing teacher guiding me through repertoire with expertise and precision without being condescending or judgmental. He certainly has an eye for detail and I found muscles I never knew I had! Absolutely loved my sessions.”
Helen Stamatakos

Pilates Insync