The Movement Refinery

Private Sessions
Small Group Classes

New Client Intake

All clients commence at the studio with at least 2-10 private sessions with our senior teachers, utilise this package to save $100 

Your sessions include:

  • Conversations and reflection on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go (history and goals)
  • An introduction to fundamentals of human movement with exercises to work on at home based on your current state and movement /exercise objectives
  • An orientation to basic Mat, Cadillac and Reformer exercises preparing you for the group class programme 
  • Preliminary observations, advice and support on how your body moves, optimal technique for exercise and our forecast of your development
  • The conventions of Classical Pilates and how they assist your development
  • Screening to ensure you commence at the appropriate class level for your safety and education 


New client welcome – 2 x 55 minutes sessions – $199 (RRP $300)

Expires 10 days from first visit + our standard terms and conditions apply 

Private session pricing bulk packages available

Training Options

After your studio induction, your training mode will be either one or more of the following. TMR clients train at least twice a week, no exceptions. Please note, group classes are available only by direct debit. Private sessions can be prepaid or direct debit. Familiarise yourself with our studio culture including admin terms and conditions prior to signing up.

Studio membership: ‘Joe’ 

For our most committed and consistent clients

2 sessions per week $75.50
3 sessions per week $113.25
4 sessions per week $ 151

+  10% discount on merch, workshops and events
+ add-on available for autonomous practice 

Abridged terms and conditions 

  • Debited weekly, session credit expires every 7 days
  • Credits are tied to regular times/repeat bookings
  • Joe level members are given priority for regular bookings and new classes
  • Maximum freeze available 6 weeks per financial year (pro-rated)
  • Minimum membership duration 30 days
  • Termination notice period 30 days

Studio membership: ‘Clara’ 

For those who love our offering but require additional

2 sessions per week $100
3 sessions per week $150

+  10% discount on merch, workshops and events
+ add-on available for autonomous practice 

Abridged terms and conditions 

  • Debits every 28 days in advance
  • Utilise your credit how you need within the 28 day period
  • Regular bookings not available
  • Credit expires at the end of the 28 day period 
  • Bookings open on the 1st of the month 
  • Minimum membership duration 30 days
  • Termination notice period 14 days

Pre-paid Passes

For shift-workers, working parents, Pilates lovers who travel frequently 

5 sessions $250
10 sessions $470

Abridged terms and conditions 

  • Not available with regular times/recurring bookings
  • Available at the discretion of the director 
  • 5 pass expires 7 weeks from first visit
  • 10 pass expires 12 weeks from first visit
  • The studio cannot guarantee session availability


“I am a woman in my mid 50s who has never been especially fond of exercise, but has done yoga, joined gyms. Since attending TMR, I am now officially obsessed. The studio space is a delight – small so you get loads of attention, soft pastel shades, meticulously clean and ripples with giggles. Nicholas is simply an amazing  pilates instructor – fun, inclusive and incredibly knowledgeable . After just one month, my posture has improved enormously, my body feels and looks stronger and leaner, and the tension in my neck and shoulders has significantly reduced.  I am becoming proud of my body.  It has been empowering and great fun and not sweaty, grubby or intimidating. Best thing I ever did. “

“I’ve always appreciated Pilates but it took me a while to find an instructor who demonstrates the type of precision, passion, and humour that Nic and some of his instructors have.
Don’t expect to be pumping away and squeezing your abs under heart-racing music at The Movement Refinery, as the name says, here at TMR, I’ve learnt how to build strength and stability by connecting different parts of the body; it’s not just my core, over the years, the practice has fueled strengths in my limbs, back and shoulders, not to mention the mere awareness of how to connect the body really helps with my yoga practice and functional training.
I’m so glad I’ve discovered you TMR!”