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Being part of TMRACADEMY means that you are an agent of a positive change within the industry, equipping your clients with information and detail about the true method, just without the dogma and ‘ivory tower’ vibes of big-brand Pilates schools.

TMRACADEMY strives to provide high-quality and open-minded training for all and I proudly offer one of the first digitised courses to the Classical community. You are able to train module by module or comprehensively; your time-zone, family life and location are no longer barriers to your professional and self-development as we now offer wholly online training. If you’re in Melbourne or Perth you also have the choice to train face to face. Our online platform also is a go-to for professional development and as a TMRACADEMY member, you’ll have priority access to on-demand lectures and workshops from presenters across the globe.

You’ll learn the original work of Joseph Pilates, plus we go the extra mile to explain where some first generation teachers have embellished or made worthwhile modifications and how this deviates from Mr Pilates’ work and in which situations this can be useful.

The original Pilates method isn’t always inclusive to people who aren’t already physically fit, flexible or interested in exercise. So we go deeper into the method and find applications for everyday people who may be completely new to exercise. We offer the mind a map for movement based on skill acquisition by stripping back the ‘beginner/intermediate/advanced’ labels because we know that one size does not fit all.

Our course is divided into a four phases

  1. Soaking up the original exercises in your body ‘as the client’
  2. Learning to teach the material
  3. Developing your craft as a teacher of the method
  4. Assessment and certification

These phases vary in duration for each participant and so they should … because we know that it takes a long time to go beyond the superficial and also develop the tools of a true teacher.

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Nicholas Psarros



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