The Movement Refinery

Our Method

When clients start Pilates with us, they get a fresh start at life. In addition to the exercise experience, we offer current concepts on posture and how to carry your body. It’s rather lovely when a couple of sessions in our new clients start walk taller, feel better each morning and gradually become more agile.

We are one of the few studios in the southern hemisphere to offer ‘Progressive Classical Pilates’ and take great pride supporting the wellbeing of North Melbourne and surrounds.

As other studios offer the ‘Reformer Fitness’ sweaty experience, we offer a counter, a studio built to hold the space for you, for your success, the complete Pilates experience. In addition to brilliant instructors and the equipment suite catering to clients of various heights and sizes, our studio director has developed a methodology and curriculum so that you can experience the benefits of a broad Pilates education within a levelled system of group classes from our West Melbourne studio.