It’s Reformer shortbox series week! For those who are curious for some technical reminders in the Reformer curriculum, have a read for some tips on short box series… :

Life’s a bit tough for many of us right now. I just want to acknowledge that some of us in the TMR community are going through so much loss, pain and deep questioning. I have no solutions for the economy or personal grief, but one thing that often helps me when I’m feeling vulnerable is simply breathing with purpose…. Feel your feet root into the ground, relax your facial muscles and observe your lungs inflate and release taking deliberate breaths for 3-10 seconds consistently. If you’re keen on more detailed ways to reset your Vagus nerve … read here

Now that we have space at the studio for more classes, additional clients and concurrent classes … it’s time to offer a new client intake or two. If you have someone in your life that could benefit from sessions with us, please send them our way by completing this form. We are working on an automated referral programme, but until then for every referral into our new client pathway, I’ll credit your direct debit a session or offer a discount off your next pre-paid package. We appreciate any gesture of a referral because each one makes a huge difference to the sustainability of our little studio. 

Reminder : Nic and Chris are away for the week commencing 17 June – all private sessions are cancelled. Some group classes are being covered. All impacted clients have been contacted, if you need assistance rebooking please reach out before Saturday at noon. I am going to try VERY hard to not look at my computer or email for the full week so I can really recharge and show up for you all in the coming months. I will be back online by noon Monday 24 June.

Here is the link to the booking system 

Here is the specific link to buy socks … 

Stay warm!