We know about the physical benefits of training at The Movement Refinery and a purposeful warm-up or pre-class conditioning series can make a huge difference to your results. There are plenty of other reasons beyond the physical that doing this before your studio class or session can deliver the goods.

Non-physical benefits to pre-class conditioning

  • Taking 10-15 minutes of purposeful breathing can reset your Vagus nerve and help you forget about your email inbox
  • The routine of deliberate exercises that you can repeat each time may help your mind to focus on what’s coming up
  • Key exercises that your mind and body remember can set up the neural pathways to excite and learn … or retain the information your teacher has for you
  • If you’re series of exercises is more like drills for the class, your endocrine system will start acting a little differently and get the back-of-house systems in your body ready for your class

Heading on holiday and need some guidance for a programme or warm-up but can’t make it to the studio?

  • Sign up to TMRNOW+ for a month or two – www.tmrnow.vhx.tv – this is our video library which features short tutorials, workouts and themed sessions to help you with mobility, strength or understanding the classical exercises. Most of the videos are without apparatus or props which is perfect for your next vacation! 
    • It’s USD$20 per month and you can cancel at any time 

All current clients have been emailed a promotion for discounted private sessions to establish a purposeful and bespoke warm-up series.
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