As we settle in at West Melbourne, we optimise our storage and class flow self-organisation  What does this mean for you? 

Before you commence your Reformer class (in particular) you’ll need to get all of the accessories prior to starting the class. 

  • Sitting box
  • Pole
  • Non-slip pads
  • Gear bar stopper if you use second gear
  • Any cushions to help with head and general alignment

Studio (Mat, Tower, Spine Corrector) class

  • Take both sets of springs from the wall 
  • Cushions as needed 
  • Balls or Magic circle to find your mid-line
  • Non-slip pads
  • Weighted bar – if you enjoy it 

Cleaning – spray bottles now hang over the clean cloth basket. Douse that cloth and then clean all items, giving thorough attention to removing oils from your skin/hair etc. Never spray the apparatus directly. This system will allow for better flow in the space, will assist you to prepare for the class and will help with our cleaning and safety checks, I welcome any feedback to optimise the experience for you all.

Saturday group clients

In the next Pilates curriculum cycle or two, we will flip our Saturday sessions from ‘Reformer’ to ‘studio’. This will enable Chung to support your physical wellbeing with different Pilates tools and help those who have been doing double Reformer duty find some comfort, support and strength with the Mat, Tower and Spine Corrector. I will review this programming decision in a few months and welcome your input. 

Curriculum update: NEW BLOCK STARTS TODAY

We made it – 16 Weeks! From the feedback I have had, clients were able to learn at an accelerated pace, consolidate existing knowledge and get ready for more integrated Classical movements. Bravo to all!! 

Our next block begins today and runs for eight weeks. It is my hope that this block should act as an express cycle to help a handful of clients who are itching to move up to the next level. There is never any pressure to push yourself at our studio to jump a level, but for those who are looking to, please let me know at the week five mark so I can conference with your instructors and establish a plan and timeline for you. 

Dates – for your reference

  • Block 2.A first four weeks (w/c 27/5, 3/6, 10/6, 17/6)
  • Block 2.B Second four weeks (w/c 24/6, 1/7, 8/7, 15/7)

Focus by level – 


  • 2A: Focus: Key series that require some light revision 
  • 2B: Focus: Pushing for fitness and themes


  • 2A: Focus: Revise and build the later half of the original sequences
  • 2B: Focus: Consolidate knowledge and push for fitness

Body Conditioning 

  • 2A – build strength and physical fitness 
    • Weeks 1-2: Develop the hollow body position, posterior chain, wrist and shoulder
    • Weeks 3-4: Build fitness component by reducing breaks and layer classes with more physical challenges
  • 2B – continue and add classical building blocks
    • Integrate Push Through Bar (PTB) and Spine Corrector to develop the Mat
    • Increase (arm and leg) spring repertoire
    • Introduce and revise Roll up bar family 

Please note that in this next cycle or two we won’t be running Reformer training for level one: body conditioning. We know you will miss it and it will be back soon. If you need some equipment variety, join our Wunda classes 🙂 


Our studio supports the concepts of health at every size, we deliberately don’t offer or transmit ‘before/after transformations’ or ‘challenges’ and operate our classes and private tuition stream from an internal skills acquisition approach.

Struggle with motivation and consistency in winter? I have an offer for you…

If you’re a direct debit member, attend an extra group class each week over the next four, six or eight weeks and pay half price for it. Lock in an extra regular class or book week to week… the choice is yours! 

Pre-paid winter warmer: 

4 sessions $75 (RRP of direct debit +$150)

6 sessions $112.50 (RRP of direct debit +$225)

8 sessions $150 (RRP of direct debit +$300)

To redeem, email Nicholas by 5pm Thursday 30 May and get started straight away 🙂 


If you struggle with the mat series or working on the Reformer box … this class is the answer you have been looking for. This is part (currently) of our non-curriculum offering which means that it is suitable to dip in and out of, or hold a regular booking. The choice is yours.

The chair repertoire is a mix of deep mobility work, articulation and strength. If you were to have one piece of equipment at home, this would be it!

Marnie runs Wednesday 7:30pm for level one/two (body/conditioning, starter+). Chris is running Thursday 6:30pm for level three (progressive).

All existing clients are able to book in to the classes on Mindbody. If you want to chat if this class style and format is right for you, just reach out!