The Movement Refinery. Classical Pilates. Fitzroy North.

Tower. Reformer. Private Sessions.

The Movement Refinery (TMR) is a space of focus and wellbeing, where one is nurtured and encouraged to push their boundaries, for a complete mind-body experience.

TMR was founded with the intention of providing a space for the community to reconnect and find true inner strength. This intention is backed by our undeniable passion for the practice of Pilates as one of the only studios in the country that teach Classical Pilates as founded by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago.

As dedicated professionals comprehensively trained in the method, we understand how to move your body safely while pushing your physical limits with a challenging Pilates workout.

Clients tell us that they are stronger, have better posture and improved flexibility after training with us. Your strengthened body and revitalised mind will be thankful for every class you attend.

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