Assessments to qualify for certification by TMRACADEMY

We recognise that some participants may choose not to undertake certification steps but to enjoy the course for their own development. Those wishing to be certified in order for professional employment and recognition will need to satisfy our thorough assessment requirements.

Learning tasks
TMRACADEMY has authored several apparatus specific learning tasks which act as your study buddy and boost your knowledge and confidence. They aren’t compulsory, but course participants who have graduated on time and been engaged with the community have found them very useful.

Physical proficiency progress assessments
All certification participants are required to complete a physical proficiency assessment to ensure that you as the teacher are able to execute exercises as part of your own practice and have absorbed relevant details for demonstration to clients. You’ll need to complete one per apparatus and perfection is not required! It is recommended that you finalise these well before your final teaching assessments.

Case Study
Outcome-driven written client case studies will assist you to work with the full apparatus family and help you to join the dots in the last stage of your teaching apprenticeship. Module course participants complete one per apparatus, comprehensive participants complete eight in total.

Final teaching assessments
You will be assessed on your communication as to your deep understanding of the work; general teaching feedback will also be provided. Depending on your location these may occur face to face or on Zoom.

You will teach the full mat list to a class of participants and then teach in detail three signature exercises.

You will teach the full Reformer repertoire to a class of participants and then teach in detail at least six signature exercises.

You will be required to spend up to one hour per apparatus teaching no less than twelve exercises per apparatus.