What We Do

When clients start Pilates with us, they get a fresh start at life. A couple of sessions in they start to walk taller, feel better each morning and gradually become more agile with each session.

It is our pleasure and privilege to help you reach your personal peak. TMRPILATES is a studio dedicated to the wellbeing of our community and the preservation of the Pilates method in it’s truest form. We are one of the few studios in the country to offer ‘Classical Pilates’ and take great pride in the stable of instructors and suite of equipment and classes that have been developed for you.

We love to work with ‘every day people’ and go to great effort to stay well-informed on all matters pain and posture. Plus, we make sure to stay ahead of the curve with all of the stages of your life, including pregnancy, medical conditions and all types of athletic training.

Come train with us, you’ll feel better.