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Client Events

The Movement Refinery offers our client community up to 10 workshops a year to provide a space to question and clarify and a time to amplify your training.

2023 offers our regular clients a workshop each month, a series of short courses and our retreat in Trentham.

This page is under construction, please email the studio to receive a copy of our 2023 offering.

2021 Client Deep Dives

These workshops are for TMR clients. We will explore exercises that require time and curiosity to master which may not be possible in regular sessions. This will allow you to explore a fuller practice (i.e. more exercises, done better) and have the freedom of a workshop environment to be coached through the intricacies while having a giggle!

Strong and Wunda(ful)

The Wunda Chair is small AND mighty. We will spend warm up with the chair in her ‘furniture setting’ for a brilliant seated workout to wake up your spine and core.

The majority of the workshop will be spent looking at how using the Wunda can challenge your strength / endurance and to improve your posture and all things movement and control.

Wunda movement sits somewhere between mind-control and ninja-play … so get ready for some fun!

Progressing Your Reformer

The Universal Reformer is synonymous with the Pilates method and we are delighted to give you the space to ask questions and experiment on our mighty beasts.

Let’s look at the fuller series that Joseph Pilates designed and make sure you get plenty of lift, length and power!

Project Open Up

Dedicated to all of our wonderful clients who feel tight in all the ‘wrong’ places. This session will incorporate postural care and education for the upper body plus show you some tricks for healthy spinal care.

We will use a variety of apparatus and take our time to make sure we look at the upper body with great detail as a counter for contemporary posture.

After this workshop you will leave with plenty of tools for self-care and improved understanding of occupational posture that may lead to daily discomfort. This work will also improve your Pilates technique and as always, open up the channels that leads to mind-body connection.

Provisionally scheduled from Spring 2020

Building Your Backbend

The backbend is pretty impressive, but for many of us, comfort can be years away. There are several places in the Pilates system that we can build your backbend and some seem so vanilla, you could be forgiven for missing them. That’s the beauty of Pilates… building your body to acrobat status one stealth move at a time!

From fingers to toes, we will break down the back bend so that you can connect the dots and build you confidence when traipsing on the ceiling.

Provisionally scheduled from Spring 2020


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Regular sessions are a great way to get to know your body and the method. Add some deep dive love to get to the nitty gritty and have some play time in the studio. See you soon!