Course Participant Expectations

To maintain harmony in the participant group and be mindful of our shared and finite resources we ask you to agree to the following community guidelines

  • Treat the group and the organisation with kindness and respect.
  • Communicate proactively and openly so that the organisation can support you.
  • Live up to your end of the deal.
  • Our job is to provide a meaningful, relevant curriculum and deliver it in an inclusive manner within a timeline that is agreed upon enrolment – but is subject to change based on global and local situations, like the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Your obligation is to attend, to question and to develop your craft for the purpose of completing assessments in a sustainable fashion.
  • We hate to say this explicitly, but … don’t be a dick or an energy vampire.
  • Turn up a little early to each session (but not twenty minutes like a lurker), get your mindset right and soak up our knowledge and studios.
  • Ask for a leave of absence if you need it.
  • Leave on time (don’t arrange to leave before the advertised conclusion) and be available for the advertised dates. Yep, we expect you to decline invitations to social engagements and follow through on this course.
  • If we need to cancel a session we will offer a group consultation and come up with a workable solution asap.

Completion of the course does not exclude you from external opportunities but from our experience, participants who have been involved in additional coaching workshops and professional development events have had difficulty managing commitments, protracted course duration and ultimately graduated with a delay.

You are expected to be at least two of the participant workouts per month, your monthly private session and regular once-weekly (minimum) training. No exceptions.

This requirement begins once you sign up and concludes when you graduate.

Complete the EOI form here to proceed.

We ask you to spend at least three months with the online curriculum and as part of our online community before commencing IRL delivery weekends. All in-person delivery weekends will roll out within a 6-12 month timeline (unless interrupted by trading restrictions) from an agreed start date.

Aim for graduation for the complete course within 18-24 months of commencing but allow longer if you are working, have a family to consider or just need less pressure.

Graduation from a single apparatus should be within six months of start date.