Pilates history tidbit: Mr Pilates grew up in Germany, migrated to the UK to work as a boxing coach and vaudeville performer before being interned in a German national’s camp during WW1. He returned to Germany before deciding upon permanent migration to the United States and meeting his third wife (although they never legally married) on the ship. Clara Zeuner became the yin to his yang and was known for her softness and desire to help clients understand Joe’s stern instructions, Clara remained a mentor and friend to the first generation teachers until her death in 1976.

FOCUS of Week 3 : Reformer Long stretch series – exercising while weight bearing and in a natural spine (plank/Long Stretch) and then spinal flexion (Elephant) or spinal extension (Swan).

Nail the Reformer mount and set up of the series for increased accuracy in each rep to power your workout benefits. When you mount for the series, ensure that you have the most supported and juiciest position in three point plank before adding the second leg. This way you as soon as the second foot touches the Reformer headpiece you should be able to push out with power and confidence. 

The transition from Long Stretch to Down Stretch is essentially Swan from the Long Box or Ladder Barrel. It is a perfect example of several joints working harmoniously to alight in a full body shape (spinal extension or Swan) and tells you exactly when you have preferred one area of your body usually by unintended discomfort in your low back. Work diligently to connect the foot down and back into the shoulder block and suck the wrist up into the shoulder from the middle back and torso to support the spine billowing forward into the kneeling Swan.

Long Back Stretch tip – my shoulders are wider than the footbar, so I experiment with alternate hand positions for a great connection to my back. Give it a go! 

Studio class develops your plank confidence within this exercise series using the roll-up bar and arm springs. Each level will flow through previous mat exercises with a couple of bonuses. 

  • Starter+ will deepen their understanding of the rolling exercises in preparation for stomach massage next week. 
  • Progressive studio class will take the time to experiment with High Scissors/Bicycle and Shoulder Bridge. 
  • Body Conditioning for Pilates classes will spice up the pace and add extra sets while looking at wrist and forearm endurance, core endurance in the 100 and Teaser as well as more hip strengthening for classical Pilates.

See you at our North Melbourne soon!
Nicholas and Co.