Hello Pilates pals,

Week four of our programme of your immersion into Classical Pilates, how are you feeling for it? 

Did you know that the Reformer we use today dates back to Joe’s Universal Reformer originally patented in the USA around 1927? He designed many versions including a fold-away Reformer that could be attached to a wall and brought down for use – much like an integrated ironing board of the mid-century. His first invention was actually a pair of weighted shoes which eventually became the Foot Corrector! 

Last week we steeped you in the work of the Long Stretch series, this week the focus will be Stomach Massage. Apologies if this is uncomfortable to discuss … but in our daily lives, we tend to compartmentalise digestion … eat the food, get a bit gassy, expel the waste. Those of us with a more complicated digestive system may spend a lot more time considering the ins and outs of the ins and outs, but here’ are a few ways to consider Stomach Massage

  1. Digestion – wind-relieving, moving things through your system
  2. Building compression strength (tight flexion shape) in a seated and standing position
  3. Releasing the back and hips countered by the strength it takes to close the carriage in the tight position 

Ultimately, the closure position of the carriage offers the same restorative effects ‘happy baby’ in Yoga or ‘child’s pose’ but I believe the magic is on creating the sense of lift up and off the pelvis as you close the carriage so that your hips feel spacious even though you are as cramped as getting out of the back seat of a two-door hatch-back.

Stomach Massage finishes with the Tendon Stretches which are confusing and exhilarating if you can execute them and baffling and at times scary in the early days. Work within your limits and identify the components which need some TLC… when the class executes the Tendon Stretch feel free to work on associated drills or preps to find the benefits of the exercise. 

Your studio class will work on the components needed for Stomach Massage and Tendon Stretch using the Roll-up Bar, Push-Through Bar and the old Mat series. We hope that by finding the shapes and movement on the Cadillac/Tower you’ll be able to chase the connections and feelings required for a happy Stomach Massage experience… enjoy! 

See you at our North Melbourne studio soon.

Nic and Co.