Make the easiest choice of 2023, join our November New Client Welcome to close out 2023 comfortable, stronger and calm. Limited to a maximum of six new clients for optimal development

The benefits of Pilates are innumerable; they are real and also ephemeral.  We offer you a passport to develop your mobility, strength and confidence on the entire Pilates apparatus family, not just the Reformer and from our lovely North Melbourne studio.

Come as you are and let career professionals guide you to an enjoyable summer.

Your course includes

  • technique for safety in exercise
  • understanding your own body and posture in life and exercise
  • learning how to operate authentic Pilates equipment
  • Pilates 101
  • TMR methodology on the Cadillac, Mat, Reformer and Barrels

What’s involved?

  • Complete two private sessions prior to kick-off
  • The course: Mondays + Thursdays 7:30 pm 13/11-30/11


  • Private session package $300
  • Course $75.50 per week paid at the time of enrolment
  • All from our North Melbourne studio – 118 Errol Street North Melbourne

Please note

Group exercise is not appropriate for all clients; for your well-being and curriculum, we have developed physical criteria for entry. Your health, well-being and resources are our greatest priority, we may direct you to a series (short or long) of private sessions.

Additional information found here

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and community with you.

Nicholas and team!