While the Pilates method and our clients are the main stars of the studio, there is another vital element to our success and that is the design and furnishing of the spaces. In this moment, I write about our texture and fabrics.

Whether it is texture you can touch, implied texture with visual senses or the variety of textures, our studios are composed to help you find your calmness and sink into a quality Pilates experience.

Texture offers you something special, a highlight. Most of us who enjoy Pilates like being touched or at least touching different surfaces and taking pride in noticing smooth versus rough, open weave vs closed weave or even more straight forward … is this comfortable (Spine Corrector) or hideous (lying on a sharp corner or fold out bed like Elaine in Seinfeld).

Texture brings a flat 2D experience to life. The curve of the springs, the metal clips, our gorgeous linen curtains … the woven rugs under Reformers …. It also reminds you that you’re in a gorgeous gym where you are supported, encouraged and nurtured.

There’s something special about walking into The Movement Refinery and the space itself being a tool of focus; carefully selected interior textures are part of this. By bringing in multiple fabrics and textures I offer comfort, warmth, lightness with a cheeky wink here and there.

While the Pilates equipment itself offers a great deal of texture, colour and movement it’s the soft furnishings, the floor choice and the type of lighting that make our shoulders drop the second we open the door and prepare for a class.


Some of my favourite textures to play with at TMR

Equipment upholstery – noughahyde the best, premium vinyl on the market

Cushions – Bonnie and Neil

Velvet Sofa – King Furniture

Linen Curtains of Errol – Cultiver

White Sheers of Nicholson – Blinds online

Floor rugs – West Elm, Miss Amara

Custom timber handles – E5sence custom Pilates equipment in Perth

Custom foot loops in cheeky pink, green or cheetah – Good Citizen

Timber floors – tongue and groove plyboard varnished in Matte at 3068 and gloss in 3051

Jute baskets, wire baskets – The Panton Store

All of the props – Makarlu, The Franklin Method, Blackboard, Tune Up

The art work on canvas – Nadurna and Corinne Melanie

And don’t get me started on the chains and lambswool on the Cadillacs