Join us for a post-graduate classical Mat/Reformer training and community experience

We are looking for 10 instructors from any Pilates background and any level of experience who are looking to level up professionally and align with one of the best and most unique studios in Australia. No other studio in Melbourne has our range and diversity of classical equipment and we believe this will help you find success within your work, observing links within the system and in your body too.

This course is built for Melbourne locals but we could offer a few places on Zoom as well – you’ll start with the  core of the work, the Mat and Reformer.

More and more fitness-based ‘Pilates’ studios are opening in the country, but deep knowledge of the full method paired with human movement never go out of style. Joining our programme will help you stand out with stellar Pilates and communication skills as you’ll be able to work in a variety of studios after certification. Benefit from our experience and take the shortcut towards being an expert in the work.

Upon graduation we will offer a further mentorship covering additional training and development to the most outstanding local members of this teaching cohort.


Who are you?

  • Certified and working as a Pilates instructor of any background
  • Interested in the original work 
  • Looking to stay in the industry for years to come
  • Prepared to work through a programme and complete assessments within 12 months
  • We do believe that to be a great teacher you need to experience the work fully in your body; of course we all have injuries and live with medical conditions. To that end you will need to complete workouts using the full mat list and Reformer so if this is beyond you right now, please enquire and let us support you to joining down the track; we know that in the right hands the work has the ability to heal from within
  • Time investment per week – minimum five, maximum ten at key points throughout the course period



  • 2 x 3 day weekends of training – 6 hours per day including a break comprising of: 
  • The original Mat, Romana’s Mat
  • The original Reformer list
  • Building blocks and progressions for all exercises
  • Original Transitions on the Mat and Reformer
  • Specialised formats of Mat / Reformer with props or special conditions focus

Additional curriculum

  • Level and upgrade system for teaching the classical work in a group class setting as used at The Movement Refinery 
  • Information and support from other first generation teachers compiled to make the work more palatable to 21st century bodies

Bonus lectures on the body, movement and the industry with guest lecturers

  • Non-specific low back pain with Susan Cottrell
  • Breathing with Megan Steers
  • Professional identity and your wellbeing with Kirsten Brown
  • The instructor’s vocal mechanism with Jeremy Powell
  • Classical Reformer transitions with Nicholas Psarros
  • Posture and positioning with Alex O’Neill King


  • Weekly training milestones and study advice email
  • Weekly 75 minute zoom study group – recording available but live attendance strongly encouraged (not run while studio is closed or annual leave in effect)
  • Hard copy manuals 
  • Digital resources including videos of entire curriculum 
  • Explainer videos for each exercise including breakdowns and build ups 


  • Learning tasks / assignments designed to help you with everyday clients in the progressive classical studio space
  • Case study 
  • Physical proficiency assessment – zoom or in studio – 1 hour per apparatus
  • Teaching/certification assessment – live in studio – upto two hours per apparatus



$500 deposit and balance on 24 month payment plan ($50 per week debited weekly) total $5000


$4000 paid in advance with five private session bonus (to be used throughout the course period) 


To sign up and claim your space, email and introduce yourself to Studio director Nicholas Psarros :

Who are we? 

The Movement Refinery / TMRACADEMY is one of the few Progressive classical studios in the industry, in the world. We offer an approach that honours and prioritises the original method and align with the great teachers of the 20th century (and now) who bring in allied concepts of human movement, biomechanics and client engagement. We are fully-certified in all that we teach and value attention to detail, technique and consistency in Pilates practice.

We are career professionals who aim to support our clients through different life stages, tastes and interests. Our preference is to work within the large archive of Joseph Pilates on authentic equipment and honour some of the brilliant first generation teachers too. Our multiple qualifications as Pilates instructors, Exercise Scientists and movement educators provide layers of detail and empowerment that our clients and colleagues adore. 

Our queer-owned and self-funded organisation was established on a love of the method and a desire to life the industry as evidenced by our work over the last seven years developing The Pilates Teacher Network which has been a mainstay and crucial in supporting the industry during the lockdown years. 

We are pleased to be breaking down the fortress walls of Classical teacher training and harnessing our many decades in the industry to bring you a Pilates tool kit you can use for your entire career.