If you have wanted to level up your professional skills and study with the only progressive classical course in the country, but don’t have a spare $12 000 – $15 000 lying around, this is your shot.

The Movement Refinery (Melbourne, Victoria) is one of a handful of studios globally that focusses on progressive and inclusive classical training for Pilates lovers, often focussed in the group environment. Our mission is to make the highest quality classical training and equipment available to clients and instructors alike. We love attention to detail and support our clients to understand the exercises and build their own autonomous relationship with the original work. We are pro-alignment cueing and believe that form and precision are key. Equally, the studios are built for instructors who love the method and are fully equipped with the best classical equipment, accessories and props for your success at work. Read about our methodology here.

I am here to offer you the next step in your career. Come develop your work at The Movement Refinery in Fitzroy North and North Melbourne where we take Pilates seriously but not ourselves. Join a small group of delightful and supportive instructors and stand beside me where you’ll benefit from my twenty year career with plenty of 1:1 contact. 

Our clients are extremely loyal and attend a minimum of two sessions per week and are a blend of deeply devoted Pilates lovers and those newer to our way of working.

The Movement Refinery staff are seen as experts in human movement and the original method; our studio vibe is calm, supportive and a bit of fun. No loud music, no shouting, no pushing people just to feel the burn. We are looking at developing the whole client with the whole method for their whole life … and this now includes you.

I am now ready to mentor a small intake of certified instructors who are ready to go deeper into the work. We will put you through a training programme, offer weekly 30-minute 1:1 meetings to discuss your classes/shifts and provide additional catch-ups to make sure we’re on the same page so that both you and the clientele are thriving. In return, you’ll work 1-3 small shifts per week (unpaid until the course cost is paid off) and complete your certification with us in 12 months. Once you have your piece of paper and have worked off your training debt, you’ll likely be invited to the staff as a paid employee with great employment conditions.

This won’t be a course or studio that you can phone it in for … we have high standards and high expectations and in return will offer you our very best. If you don’t complete the course or jump ship after a few months, you will need to pay back the cost of the training agreement. You will need to arrive at each training delivery fully prepped and across ALL of the Pilates exercises in the curriculum. Please only apply when there is room in your life and work week for this opportunity. There are only three spots for 2023, let’s make it count! 

Face to face training will begin in February, but access to materials will be available at time of acceptance for your personal preparation to rock up in February knowing the Mat and Reformer in detail. You’ll also be offered studio credit to attend classes when you’re available.

Regular shifts we are looking to cover – you’ll need to be available for at least two and preference given to first applicants who volunteer for Saturdays

Priority shifts

Saturdays 8-11am North Melbourne and North Fitzroy 

Tuesday/Thursday 6am-8am North Fitzroy *under agreement

Wednesday 12:15-2:30 North Melbourne 

Friday 6am – 8am – North Melbourne

Also on offer 

Monday 5pm – 8pm – North Melbourne

TBC Thursdays 5-8pm North Fitzroy

plus cover for some shifts while existing staff are away in April (Tuesday evenings North Fitzroy) June/July and October plus occasional cover through the year over the weekend or a weeknight to give staff a break from time to time.

Course dates that you’ll be required for

FEB 10+ 11: Classical Mat and intro to Reformer

MARCH 3+4: Classical Reformer 

MARCH 24+25: Cadillac/Tower 

MARCH 31: Wunda and Electric Chair

APRIL 1: Programming

AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER – TBC – likely one full day each month (Friday or Saturday)

+ Fortnightly group workout and problem solving – BEGINS March (likely Thursday or Friday mid afternoon)

+ Once you start with clients 30 minute phone call each week to support you to your best

+ Complimentary group class session each week with studio director or lead instructor

You’ll also need to be doing your practice every week to ensure you are across the full curriculum and that you are ready for our clients.

Application criteria and process

We are looking for people full of heart with a sharp mind who care deeply about their professional output and support the health at every size philosophy. You should be a fan of what we do and bring your own professional experience as a certified instructor to the table. We are a LGBTQIA+ run business and encourage all members of the  community to apply even if you feel that you are not quite ready. We would like to meet you and offer you a chance for development and a place in the next intake. 

Ideally you have had experience beyond Reformer fitness group classes and can hold your own with experienced clients in a small group and private setting. Bonus if you’re experienced in general post-rehab sessions that include postural care as well as a workout at all levels.

You’ll need to be absolutely comfortable taking clients of all levels for both 1:1 training and small groups. 

Write a brief cover letter and include 

  • How you came to Pilates
  • Who you have your primary certification with and sought continuing education from 
  • The types of studios and experiences that have filled your career
  • Who you wish to learn from in the future
  • Your career plan 
  • What your colleagues say about you
  • Identify which shifts of the list above you want to take AND that you can make all of the training dates listed

Your CV

  • Please include at least two studio owner references
  • Detail your teacher training curriculum and include transcripts or modules studied where possible

Your attention to detail in communication and care in this process will be considered.

You may be asked to attend a video interview and come in for a session to ensure we are the right match before being offered a place in this programme.

 Send to nicholas@themovementrefinery.com.au 

Submissions close at 9am 11 January 2023.