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Here’s a little update from the North Melbourne Reformers of your dreams, have a fabulous week on the springs!


Booking platform

Thank you for your patience, the system has been returning to full function since last Monday. Please continue to use it for bookings, cancellations and payments. I have decided to return to our previous platform (Mindbody) of fourteen years in Spring ’23.

Schedule availability 

There is now room in selected group classes (Reformer and studio) at each venue due to client movements and extended holidays. If you’re looking to optimise your schedule, please let me know and I’ll share the updated availability.

Referring your friends/family 

If you have wanted to share our work with your friends or family, we are extending the North Melbourne Pilates  schedule to cater for both short-term and long-term private sessions during the workday, Monday – Friday.   Our new client form is available here:

Upcoming client workshops – To book either workshop, head to the diary date in Bookings Essential to secure your space.

Shoulder and wrist connection

Saturday 22 July 12:30-2pm North Melbourne studio

Let’s face it, a lot of people are bothered by sore wrists in Pilates and exercise classes. We (humans) are simply not used to weight bearing unless trained and most of us have a clearer understanding of our lower leg than our arm and hand. Our job is to support you in the short and long-term with this wrist debacle. We will look to build out the connection of the wrist into the shoulder and trunk. This is key to improving endurance in the shoulder and forearm so that we don’t collapse into the hand and end up with tired paws.

Twists and Turns inspired by Kathy Grant

Saturday 5 August 2pm – 3:30pm North Melbourne studio

Rotation, twisting, side bend, side lean … ugh … how do you get the length in both directions and not crunch especially on the Reformer? This workshop aims to provide an experience opening up your flanks and working on connecting to the mid-line while twisting and turning through drills and then the original series. We’ll have a play on the mat, in standing and on the other apparatus too, most likely looking at the short box series across the studio.

Leave a google review

Whether you love the staff, the equipment, the plants or the results … any boost on google can really help a small business, especially during this economic wobble. Please consider leaving a google review semi-regularly and share with the world that you’re having a great time at the studio.

If you have any feedback for service improvements at the studio, I’m all ears as well!