Bulletproof your body and add Pilates and Reformer training to your week in North Melbourne. Our studio is fully equipped and ensures every client learns on a variety of equipment, not just the Reformer. If you’re curious about real Pilates and a caring studio that values your long-term health…  Our next group class intake begins in the first week of February and then another in early March, complete five private sessions before kick off and let’s get you feeling your best!

We employ career-professional educators and provide you with the best equipment and atmosphere for success.

New private clients are welcome to start with us at any time of the year. If group classes are your thing, ours are fabulous and will be different to what you’re used to but that’s for a good reason. Your training with us is broad by design. You’ll attend at least twice per week and exercise in your first class of the week across the Cadillac, mat and barrels which are designed week by week to strengthen your body and mind in preparation for the Reformer (your second weekly class).

We seek to maintain our brilliant client culture and working relationship with our existing clientele, for this reason, we have a clear pathway to joining our group class programme and don’t permit new clients just popping in for a random workout. Think of Pilates with us like enrolling in a school to learn how to use and heal your body and mind with exercise. It’s a week by week curriculum that pulls together strength and conditioning with the original method and aims to develop each client on their own trajectory. 

You’ll need to complete five private sessions and be cleared to join the group programme – which will be apparent after your second session. If group classes at The Movement Refinery aren’t the best environment for your long-term health, we will tell you why and offer you steps to close the gaps or referrals to practitioners who are just as interested in your wellbeing as we are. 

Join your North Melbourne neighbours who love our sessions and how good they feel! We’re about to roll out a global first, so sign up NOW and get amongst it as we may not offer another group class entry point before May.

Pictured: a mixed semi-autonomous class in action with teacher Chris Kelly.