If you’re looking for actual Pilates in North Melbourne and a road-map to your body, you’ve come to the right place. We have two places left in our October new client course and we want to show you how true Pilates can make you feel!

You’ll need to complete two private sessions prior to joining the course to ensure you’re in the right programme and we can cover off the fundamentals relevant to your body, posture and goals. No matter where you’re starting from, come as you are, we will do the rest, together.

We are the only studio in North Melbourne to offer the complete Pilates experience, utilising the full studio equipment in addition to the very popular Reformer. You will be working with expert instructors who care deeply about our clients and the Pilates method.

We offer two ways of training at The Movement Refinery

  1. Private tuition to ensure you are taught the complete Pilates method systematically based on where you’re at when you commence with us. Some clients train in this mode short-term to prepare for group classes and others stay in the programme for years. We look at your entire body and movement system and in a diligent manner, offer you the benefits of the work, without distraction, competition or timeline.
  2. A shared experience – This begins with some private tuition, small group new client course, potentially some review private sessions and then you’re ready to join our group class programme.

Whether you intend to stay training 1:1 or join our group programme when it is the right, your initial series (including the new client course) may include the following

  • Introduction to fundamentals of human movement with exercises to work on at home based on your current state and movement goals
  • an orientation to basic Mat, Cadillac and Reformer exercises
  • classical repertoire and sequences on the Reformer
  • the original Pilates mat sequence
  • pre-pilates exercises with the Tower apparatus sequences such as arm springs standing and supine and leg spring selections to solidify your body awareness, postural connections and movement capabilities addressed in our earlier sessions
  • Use of the Pilates chairs (Wunda, Electric, Baby) and Barrels (spine corrector, Ladder Barrel) to support your physical wellbeing and Pilates experience
  • Customisation of the original work to you, today


To ensure that all clients have a positive experience our group classes have a physical entry criteria; you will be asked to demonstrate each part prior to joining our group induction. As we are a Classical Pilates studio we build to the fuller work of Joe Pilates and look to introduce full range of movement. We do this to demonstrate our care for you, reducing the risk of injury while exercising and to maintain the pace and training benefits in the group class format.

We also offer private sessions for those requiring the space to nurture and support injuries, post-rehabilitation processes, pregnancy and post-partum care as well as education around pain, comfort and high performance.

Our website is undergoing an update so the information in this post is current. Complete the new client form here and we will be in touch to register you for the course.

October new client course

2 x 55 minute private sessions with studio director –>
Tuesdays 6:30pm / Saturdays 11am – 3 weeks from 3 October

Cost: $505