Oh hi there,

Welcome to Spring! Just like the name of the studio, we are constantly refining and finding our way forward with our Pilates clients and pals in North Melbourne. We have had our heads down this year and welcomed additional instructors to the TMR family with glee. It has been so wonderful to be joined by Frankie, Chung and Marnie and our clients have enjoyed the variety in their teaching voices.

Several of our clients have been chipping away at the method and stepped up to their next level of training, congratulations to you all! Watching you develop the Pilates work and build a positive relationship with your movement and body has been a delight.

We are now ready to accept new Pilates clients to Errol Street North Melbourne.

New client course – Pilates North Melbourne

Ready to train with us? Our Errol Street studio is about to take on new clients for 1:1 training and our general group programme. To facilitate your smooth entry to our methodology, we are offering a short course for new clients beginning 3 October for three weeks. Join us on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 11am to sink your teeth into our methodology which has been designed to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

You’ll need to participate in two private sessions prior to the course commencement so that we can tailor the course to your needs and ensure we hit the nail on the head.

Please note there is a physical criteria to join our group class programme as our general classes require full range of movement and aren’t able to cater to injuries or medical conditions.

Head to the our new client EOI to register your interest