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We like to share, no gate-keeping here. Over the years, we have learned plenty of ways to use tactile cueing in both Classical and Contemporary formats of Pilates as well as other modalities. Join the educators from The Movement Refiner Pilates North Melbourne as we digest and discuss tactile cueing for the Reformer and Mat. Whether you’re classical, contemporary or a clinical pilates teacher your clients will enjoy the clarity of our style of cueing. Please note this is a work in progress and we upload material every couple of months so we can build out your skills in the Reformer and Mat.

Well-considered tactile cueing may enable your client (with their consent) to build strength, mobility and connections that they might not be able to access without a tactile guide. In this course, we identify the difference between tactile cueing and the hands-on cues that were passed down from Joseph Pilates to the first generation teachers and now to you.

We share the hands-on and general tactile cues with you and go beyond where to put your hands; we discuss the intention, the amplitude and direction of energy for each cue and how this can act as an additional teacher to your client. Most importantly, we talk about when not to apply hands-on cueing.


Our Academy is full of tools like this to bring the original work into your world, but with a contemporary approach for your clientele. Check out our other courses here