Dear Reader,

This article through @abcnews_au has been getting a lot of traction. As larger formulaic fitness franchises dominate the market are now entering North Melbourne, it’s a timely read because as we know ‘Pilates’ is not Pilates is not pilates, despite exercises being done, on, to or around a fitness Reformer. The market is an entirely different beast  from the cottage industry I entered in 2002 when we could rely on smaller training courses and studios to provide quality and caring service… without serious injuries to their clients.

I can say that our staff are eminently qualified with multiple certifications that are each 500-1000 hours and we regularly meet for professional development and further training. To work at The Movement Refinery, one needs to be well-trained in the full method, beyond the Reformer. Our instructors are more like movement artisans and are there to support how our clients move and develop their Pilates repertoire based on postural needs and lifestyle goals. It is important to also understand that while some instructors have attended courses and are ‘Diploma-qualified’ there may be no requirement to have even done Pilates before commencing a government accredited Diploma and the standard of both the students and teachers can be lower than some of our experienced clients.

As a regular presenter and teacher trainer, I am well aware at the knowledge gaps of instructors in these larger, often heated, group fitness Reformer and mat classes. It would be beneficial if the franchises and company owned fitness centres using some Pilates equipment in fact stopped referring to their classes and offerings as Pilates and found a different phrase to describe their services.

The Movement Refinery has developed a Pilates methodology that genuinely seeks to support and educate our clients and keeps classes as small as the individual instructor can feel confident in each client and their abilities to workout in a safe, enriched and supportive environment… Reformer, Studio, Chairs or even on the Guillotine!

Peace and (actual) Pilates.