Just like the true Pilates method, quality and care never go out of style….. it is a new calendar year but we don’t subscribe to ‘new year, new you’ or that it’s time get a ‘summer body’.  The Movement Refinery Pilates North Melbourne is here for you in all seasons, come as you are and bite down on our curriculum and framework that offer you plenty of slow support or an opt-in to progression and development over time. Your instructors are career-professionals who are certified comprehensively in at least two forms of Pilates (original, archival or contemporary) and are encouraging, supportive and ready to guide you through your experience.

As North Melbourne is becoming saturated with Pilates imitators our fully-equipped studio and unique methodology as modern purists provide the best and genuine product to your body and mind. A key element to this is furnishing clients who opt-in with an education rather than just a workout so that they can become self-sufficient and even train autonomously. Again though, this is opt-in and by studio director clearance when the time is right, this way we can ensure each client gets what they need from us at all ends of the Pilates experience spectrum. When you look for a Pilates studio, please go beyond the search term ‘Reformer Pilates near me’ and consider a fuller picture. 

Although we share many of the same skills, we aren’t Physiotherapists or gym trainers. It’s disheartening to be over-looked in preference for a private health insurance rebate, but hey, that’s showbiz and capitalism. To be cheeky, we have plenty of clients who languished for years at ‘clinical Pilates’ under the assumption that they were under the best care because their teacher was a Physiotherapist or similar. When they start with The Movement Refinery, on authentic equipment they share this experience with us and how transformative our equipment and approach have been. We encourage you to try all types of Pilates on the market and find the best fit for your budget, long-term athletic development and enjoyment… most of all, we implore you to go beyond the pervasive idea that Pilates = Reformer fitness class. The method is much greater than this one piece of equipment and most often it is the worst place to start, in any hands. 

We will work with you on your physical body and help you understand how to get the most out of it … and we will do this with the Pilates method as created by Joseph Pilates and supported by the first-generation elders and our unique methodology. We are not going to throw you around a Reformer and push you to fatigue, you aren’t training for a war! But … we will …

  • Use the Mat, Cadillac and Barrels to build your spine through the natural ranges of movement and connect your limbs to centre both with and without spring resistance load
  • Utilise the original 34 mat exercises to help you build a sequence of movements you can do in and out of the studio
  • Learn the fundamentals of human movement and original movements of The Reformer
  • Join Wunda Chair classes when you are ready for a challenge 
  • If in private sessions, work across all studio apparatus and the equipment that is best suited to the goals of the indvidual

Our studio director has been working in the field for over twenty years and is synonymous with attention to detail and passion for clients, the method and our industry. Expect a BS free zone, doses of pop-culture and a treasure-trove of handpicked instructors here for your wellbeing and Pilates education.

We would love the opportunity to show you just how far you can take your body and mind with the original Pilates method. Please submit a new client enquiry form and we can schedule your first five private sessions in January!

The Movement Refinery North Melbourne