Unexpectedly, unplanned but thrilled … our additional Pilates equipment has arrived and we are in a position to accept new clients to the Classical Pilates group programme at Errol Street, North Melbourne. This means we now have more capacity to open up our fully-booked studio and enrich the lives of more people of North Melbourne! Ours is the only studio in the area that is equipped with the full suite of Pilates apparatus AND staffed by career professional Pilates teachers who are eminently qualified to enhance, uplift and even transform your movement and how you carry yourself through life using the true Pilates method. 

Please complete the EOI on our website to receive the details and invitation to train. Our website is out of date but will be updated in due course.

The new client course includes 

  • 2 x private sessions in September
  • 6 x group induction classes – 3 weeks, twice a week from 3 October  – Tuesday 6:30pm and Saturday 11am

Note: Once you finish your induction you will need to attend a minimum of twice per week at the same time most weeks. If this commitment is beyond you, please consider a weekly private session instead. And no, you can’t skip the programme and no, we don’t have availability for casual/one off sessions. 

We hope you can join one of the best studios in Australia and one of the few offering progressive classical training in a world of junk-food Pilates. Yea, I said it… even North Melbourne has fake Pilates…. just not The Movement Refinery. 

Complete this form to find out more about our Pilates programme in North Melbourne and bring you extra happiness in your life and movement!