Hello Pilates pals,

I don’t have a wonderful Ray Martin-esque speech prepared but I’ll say, thank you for your time at the studios this year. We are hanging up the springs this Saturday and I will be reopening the studio on 3/1 although most of the teachers are away for an extra week or two. Our email and phone will be unattended after 23/12 at noon and back in action on 3/1; please use our Mindbody portal for any bookings admin during our closure period. 

Thursday 21/12 is the final day of classes at Nicholson Street, once I have returned the tenancy in April, I propose a drink to toast our years at the pastel palace and hopefully the opening of the new space. 

All clients

Regular appointments are well and truly sorted for 2024. If you haven’t requested or confirmed yours, please reach out ASAP to see what is available. 

Regular bookings and classes begin on 8/1. If you’re around in the first week of January, please head to Mindbody and book your sessions for week commencing 1/1.

Group clients + Direct debits

I know a lot is going on right now and ask you to cancel as early and rebook where possible within your debit week. No-shows are not acceptable at The Movement Refinery and repeat offenders will be put on notice.

Reminder: We are only pausing direct debits for the Christmas week, all debits will run from 1/1 unless you have asked for a pause. Please arrange your pause and cancel bookings by 21/12 and ensure you have a confirmation email that this has been done.

I wish you a wonderful summer holiday and time off. 

Nicholas and Co.