Returning after a break of any kind warrants respect and potentially a re-consideration of how you train. We know it can be boring to be sensible, but rather than punishing your body with a ‘no pain no gain’ approach we prefer to re-build your base for at least a few weeks and then level up.

If we look to the literature for strength and conditioning we know that building a base doesn’t have to be boring. The most important ingredient here is consistency. You can train daily or every other day but alter the intensity each time you train, some long and slow, some short and fast  …. what we definitely know is that if you train once or twice a week, progress will be elusive. If you can’t make it to the studio frequently, subscribe to @tmrnow and use our online platform to round out your exercise schedule with minimal barriers.

If you have some extra time in the slower part of the year, add a class each week even just for a fortnight and see if you can use the hour here or there to find the comfort, to better yourself and to set aside time to achieve something.

This pandemic is not over and it’s time we took out a blank sheet of paper and a snazzy marker pen to ask some questions of ourselves….

How do you want your body feel?

Do you have specific goals for training? If not, what could you dream up so that we can enhance your wellbeing?

How can TMR support these goals?  Be specific in your requests for assistance so that we can hit the nail on the head.

Does my current personal environment (schedule, work out gear, attitude, expectations) help or hinder me?

Do I need to add in more ‘me-time’ and also go to the gym or the swimming pool regularly?

Do my other exercise habits still support who I am today or should I pause the half-marathon training for a few months and get stronger first?

Another thing to consider of course is the time in which we live…. Do you keep putting your goals on hold because of the pandemic? I certainly have … but that has changed and even with this new variant, I am trying to find the middle ground and prepare for life after 2020, 2021, 2022 and on we go.

Take a minute with the concept of building a base and setting some goals and contact the studio with your outline, we would love to help.