Chris and I were invited by the Movementality team to leave our North Melbourne Pilates studio and head over to work with a group of brilliant instructors at their studio from across our industry!

Workshop description:

Whether you’re classical or contemporary, we have a couple of things in common … we avoid teaching the same exercises and we love avocados, right?

In this session we will think critically and put the Reformer Snake/Twist and Star under the microscope. Step one of being a Pilates practitioner is knowing the traditional exercises. At The Movement Refinery North Melbourne  our bread and butter comes from translating the original work for 21st century bodies and progressing as appropriate. Use the framework and building blocks that we use at our studio to stop avoiding exercises, eliminate some fear and most importantly, propel our clients to greatness. We will look at the Reformer apex exercises and then look across the studio for other ways to support your client.

Bring your favourite writing instruments and be prepared to be active and brainstorm together as we digest the requisite components of Snake/Twist and Star on the Reformer. You don’t need to be an Olympian to attend, an open-mind and desire to connect with your clientele will set you up perfectly.

18th August 2023
Movementality Studio

Review from our hosts:

A huge shout out to @themovementrefinery Nic and Chris for bringing us Friday’s Movers & Shakers workshop. We loved how physical and embodied this workshop for so many of us that rarely get the opportunity and time to move into those advance exercises. I also felt like it brought forward some fantastic questions and discussions about Pilates and our whole industry as well as the work we all need to do to show up better for our colleagues, our staff and our community.

Thank you to everyone who came along and a huge thanks to Nic and Chris for generously sharing with us your building blocks for teaching and practising Snake, Twist and Star. ⭐️