Are you a flexion faker? A dirty hinger in short-box? A shoulder huncher in the Pull-up or Push-through? 

What is flexion? Anatomically, it’s bringing together or closing the angle of two body parts (joints, really). Think of the torso and legs coming together in a roll up, a roll over, a pull up, elephant … or at a single joint, the upwards swing of the hip to torso in ‘leg circle’.

Even in a simple standing roll down, we tend to fake it (flexion) and cheat the flexion truth. Pilates instructors will forever sigh because they are trained to find the efficient and honest core of it all … here are some tips for flexion across the method

  • don’t over-nod the head
  • distribute the curve through the whole back not just your supple spot
  • try to keep the body weight centered over the whole foot
  • no need to glue the shoulder to the ear to make a more pronounced curve
  • keep your straight legs if you can, but a soft-knee may help you access your tight spots
  • The list goes on …. 

Next time you’re at the studio, let’s play and find out if you’re a faker! 

Enjoy a cute pic of Alex O’Neill King and her funky brain tat taken a few years back at the studio!