Meet the new Senior Associate of The Movement Refinery and Faculty educator of … oh, you might know him as Chris Kelly.

Today, I celebrate the diligent and consistent work of Chris and promote him to a new position within both of the businesses. 

This is in recognition that he has completed and excelled in the academy training programme and for his dedication to the craft and his clients. The pandemic years took an enormous toll on us; we turned up on zoom for you, helped you rebuild in the years following and held the space while you adjusted to various new normals. During this time Chris dug deep and showed up for his movement fans, we are all grateful for this and now support him as he rebuilds and thrives. 


As Chris moves towards becoming a partner in the businesses with me we will collaborate on client and professional workshops, teacher training and building the TMR community. 

I’m fortunate to have a yin to my yang and someone to collaborate with to best support our clients. Here’s to celebrating this milestone, congratulations Chris! You did it, we are so impressed and so very proud.