Oh hi there,

Did you know that the Pilates method was invented by Joseph (Joe) Hubertus Pilates (1883-1967)) who named his transformative exercise method Contrology? After he passed away the people teaching the method switched to using the term ‘Pilates’ and the rest is history. The work stayed fairly homogenous until the 1990’s and every few years a new approach seemed to dominate. Our studio in North Melbourne offers you access to the Reformer but underpinned with a deep understanding of the fuller method.

Joe or Mr Pilates published two books that are worth a read and very clear on his mission, however they were definitely written last century! 

  • 1934 – Your health: A corrective system of exercising that revolutionises the entire field of physical education
  • 1945 – Return to Life with Contrology

I believe that the Pilates method is the work Joe devised, the same work his partner Clara taught and the same work that the first generation of teachers moulded into their special interest areas based on their deep understanding of work under Joe and Clara. To get the benefits of the Pilates method, I do believe that one needs to develop a full practice beyond the Mat or Reformer and where possible, have experience working on the authentic equipment such as ours and practice with the philosophy of the original teachers at the core of each session.

Week one of our new group programme is complete. Thank you for your energy and flexibility in optimising our class structure. I appreciated the feedback from clients as we clarified the moments of ‘Centering and Rowing’ look forward to working ahead.

This week our group classes will focus on

  • Building technique, endurance and familiarity with the Reformer Long Box 1 series  – Swan, pull straps and the almighty four: Backstroke, Teaser, Breaststroke and Horseback.
  • These exercises build on the Reformer Rowing sequence and show you how to use the power of the shoulder girdle with the support of your trunk for maximum impact and efficiency.
  • In the Studio classes (mat, tower, spine corrector) we will work on the spinal mobility and coordination actions for your back extension, use of the back line of your body (with leg springs or spine corrector) and consolidate your knowledge of the mat thus far.

See you in Errol Street soon,