We reopened for 2024 on Wednesday 3/1 and while many clients are still soaking up the holiday vibes, we are thrilled to open the door and show up for those in town. While some of our instructors are away, Nicholas will take the majority of classes and support the private session roster.

Just before we closed for a brief rest, we re-tooled the studio with some of the best Reformers available to us, Balanced Body Contrology. Your local studio now has a range of Reformers available from the two best manufacturers so that clients of different heights are comfortable and can maintain a lineage to Joseph Pilates. Your Reformers are the best in the region and won’t let you get away with murder like the mass-produced Reformers, have you tried the difference between original and contemporary equipment…? It’s mind-blowing!  Our Reformers offer North Melbourne locals extreme feedback… for example, when doing the 100 or Elephant or one of the split exercises if you’re posture or core aren’t supporting you, the Reformer will stall on the tracks so that you can better your technique. So, instead of piling on springs and resistance these Reformers actually make you more efficient and more aware of your own body. Our Reformers are built to the specifications of Mr Pilates and this gives you the easiest route to strength and comfort.

We can’t wait to merge our studio apparatus suite together at our new location and bring over our Guillotine and many Wunda chairs to provide an unparalleled authentic Pilates experience in Private and small group sessions.

Enjoy these last moments of relaxed Melbourne traffic, Happy New Year!
Nicholas and team