Admin thank you

Thank you for your cooperation in helping me to set up Mindbody. Each week, my learning curve continues and I  find that auto-emails ping to remind you of something….each week, I turn more of these functions off to respect your privacy, time and reduce any e-irritation. Getting our policies and processes tight helps us stay the premier Pilates studio of North Melbourne.

Focus and studio culture

This time of year more than ever, I encourage you to attend your private or group class 5-10 minutes ahead of the kick-off time so that you have a solid 5 minutes of prep time on your Reformer or Tower. This may include some postural TLC, breathing to relax, preliminary stretches or even a quiet meditation to set you up for success. As many of us become more frazzled with the silly season and our tiny Errol Street studio gets more cramped, I encourage you to do this quietly and respect your fellow clients who may be in desperate need of chill time. It is especially helpful before a Reformer class to consolidate your body systems before zooming into the land of springs.

There are many benefits from this approach and having confidence to run your own warm up in line with your goals and physical needs is a big part of the TMR philosophy. If this stumps you, get in touch and book a half hour private session to feel best prepared.

As you move beyond the basics, I encourage you to learn the names of the exercises, the series order and how to operate the equipment autonomously as our more experienced clients do. This will equip you with the info and confidence to crack on in class or to run through a Pilates routine at home. Importantly, this knowledge empowers you to go beyond the Reformer craze that’s ripping through North Melbourne and to maintain the integrity of your Pilates regime.

Summer schedule

Next week I will start to put together our Summer holiday schedule. Some instructors will be away and we may close for ten days including the public holidays. During this time 18/12-8/1 I will offer a different schedule to your regular classes and am determined to make this a wonderful Summer experience for you. Please note that direct debits will only be paused for the time we are closed and run Monday-Sunday… so send through your membership pause dates  as soon as possible. 

New focus for group classes

Before the end of the month, the instructors and I will put together an alternate class structure for all levels and apparatuses that aims to focus your development within the classical method. You’ll go through some preliminary movements, work on the sequences you are familiar with and then spend some time examining, drilling and digesting some new or unfamiliar classical skills. The purpose is to help you step up physically, build your mental recall and cognitive skills and develop a sense of autonomy within your sessions. This will in turn prepare you for our semi or fully autonomous sessions when we find our next tenancy which will be a great win for those who are struggling to attend more frequently.

We have had some lovely feedback from clients lately, if you’re feeling the benefits of classes …please tell your instructor and make their day!

If there’s anything you need, please reach out by email.