Micro-manager Nicholas here to remind you of a few important upcoming bits and bobs. Please welcome to the teaching team Marnie Mullan as she takes over Wednesday evenings at Errol Street this week offering Reformer and studio class. Next week Frankie Farley joins the team at North Melbourne and North Fitzroy  welcoming new clients and facilitating classes for our existing clientele too. Pilates in North Melbourne never felt so good!

Recent no-shows
A brief grumble … if you are not going to make it to class, please use the booking platform to cancel your session. You’re welcome to email to explain, but please understand that marking yourself off as ‘late cancel’ allows the instructor to start on time and move beyond the warm up portion of the class.
Long weekend approaching
Monday next week is a public holiday. Both studios will be trading as usual. If you can’t make your class, please early cancel and find an alternate within your debit period.
Beefing up Pilates North Melbourne schedule – from next week
Tues 6am – starter studio
Wed 5:30pm – starter Reformer
Thurs 6am – starter plus Reformer
And from mid-April
Tuesday 7am – Starter + studio
Thursday 7am – Starter Reformer – already full, waitlist available
Nicholas and co.