We are about to transition to our (old) new booking platform Mindbody which will soft-launch 30 October.  It will be in full effect from 6/11 and shortly after we will lose access to Bookings Essential. If there is anything you need from Bookings Essential (tax invoices, visit history etc.) please let’s find and export it before 6/11.
To help me migrate your pre-paid accounts and direct debit balances, I’m asking you to do a couple of things
  1. Follow this link and create a client profile before 21 October – save it to your web browser for future use.
  2. If you have made any alterations to your regular class schedule beyond 6 November, please make a list of them and we can add them to Mindbody after 30 October.
Once you have entered your client profile into the new system (after 21/10) I will start to add the regular bookings to the new platform – apologies if you receive a handful of automated emails during this process.
Group class direct debit members:
After 6/11, I will streamline our calendars so that all direct debit memberships will run Monday – Sunday.  This will take some work on my part to ensure we are all current and arrange a final debit in Bookings Essential the week prior. To activate the membership in Mindbody I will send you a new agreement closer to 6/11.
For the first time (ever) The Movement Refinery will be open over the festive season for a range of group classes and private sessions. While most of the teachers will be on leave, I will enthusiastically receive you at Errol Street.
Please note, direct debit memberships won’t be paused automatically. You will need to pause your debits if away or where possible, keep your debit running and we will extend the expiration period out to 30 June to take advantage of extra classes once you’re back from your holiday.
More info to come.
Join the TMR crew for a drink before the summer season kicks off!
28 October 2pm – 4pm
Open house vibe – The Courthouse – 90 Errol Street North Melbourne