Re-tooling for the future

2023 has been a year of investment in our future like no other. With the closure of Nicholson Street, I said goodbye to some of our tried and true equipment and acquired some new pieces for our current and future operation in North Melbourne. This will enable our clients to have broader access to the Pilates apparatus family including Chair and barrel classes and, when appropriate, access to the studio for autonomous practice.

North Melbourne studio now has the most diverse range of Classical Reformers in Melbourne featuring a mix of Balanced Body Contrology (California) and Pilates Designs (New York) offering you an unparallel Pilates experience.

1 x 80” Reformer for shorter clients 

4 x 86” Reformers – considered the standard length in classical studios – one is with archival style foam and three have the softer ‘classic’ upholstery. one has a footbar without covering so that you can enjoy the more authentic wrapping position of the wrist

3 x 89” Reformers – stretched for taller or tighter people – two with the archival (firmer) foam and one fluffy like a cloud for those who enjoy it

Our future North Melbourne studio will also bring in our favourite custom 89” Pilates Designs Reformer, stretched for taller people but with soft upholstery and a removable footbar cover for those who are keen. This also has custom length straps to offer a bit more a challenge to those who are working towards the progressive level work such as the full Rowing or Teaser series. 

We also said goodbye to one of our Pilates Designs (New York) Wunda chairs and welcomed a Contrology by Balanced Body chair to the family, the springs offer more feedback and with the firm upholstery on the seat but softer upholstery on the pedal, both teacher and client will be thrilled. You’ll also note our new Ladder Barrel from the Contrology line, firmer foam, solid construction and a brilliant adjustable pedal which provides quick adjustment to support clients of all heights.

I took delivery of this equipment on Monday 18/12 which means our Errol Street space has little to no spare room. Good news, I have signed a lease for a property in West Melbourne and we hope to move in before Easter. Once this move occurs, your suite of existing equipment will be joined by another four Wunda Chairs, two baby chairs and plenty of barrels, props and even our Guillotine and our aeroplane boards and neck stretchers! 

The Movement Refinery is a progressive classical Pilates studio that believes that every client should experience more than just the Reformer and now in combination with a revision to our levelled classes, we will truly be walking the walk, with you!