Hello there,
Bye bye Winter and hello to the transition period 🙂 A big thank you to all of our clients for demonstrating patience and support as we have had an unusual few weeks with professional workshops, conference presentations, staff illness and receiving our new ‘first-class suites’ at the North Melbourne Pilates studio. Regarding the conference, I found it quite affirming and realised that our little Pilates studio is in fact at the leading-edge of progressive classical Pilates education, right from North Melbourne. I look forward to building out some specialist programmes next year, offering you a clear path to your next level up in group class training and hopefully an additional Pilates service stream at Errol Street. Currently, if you would like to progress to the next level please book a series of private sessions with either Nicholas or Chris.
I’m getting on the front foot to advise of some planned studio closures coming up…. print these out, grab the stabilo boss and pin to your noticeboard … Bookings Essential will be updated by next weekend to reflect these changes.
Dates impacted
Public holiday weekend Friday 29th and Saturday 30th …both studios will be closed both days. It’s rest time.
Monday 9/10 – both studios closed.
Chris (uni intensive practicum) and I (strategy week) hope to take one week off Monday 23/10 to Sunday 29/10 inclusive.
Thursday 30 November the studios will be open up to 4pm and evening classes will not run.
Monday 4/12 – both studios closed.
Thursday 21/12 –  studios will be open up to 4pm and evening classes will not run.

Cheerio from your Pilates pals in North Melbourne and North Fitzroy.