How does Pilates assist with the relief and management of back pain?

This is such an important consideration for both Pilates enthusiasts and those thinking about trying Pilates for the first time. If you happen to live with chronic back problems there are some things you need to know about how Pilates can help to ease your pain.

Maybe you’ve come to believe that your body can’t function the way that it used to but know there are ways to help optimise the way you live and diminish the effects back pain has on your life. Pilates can help in so many ways by:

  • providing healthy movement strategies and postural education to help you understand ‘your’ back pain and the body positions that promote comfort both in class and outside of the studio;
  • targeting that all-important core to strengthen under-developed musculature and coordination patterns;
  • identifying sub-optimal movement patterns and muscle recruitment which contribute to discomfort, pain and injury;
  • laying an exercise foundation to allow for safe vigorous exercise.

For the new kids on the block, Pilates isn’t a silver bullet (or Tower or Reformer or… okay, you get it). If you have already been living with back pain or poor posture for a long time, this isn’t going to magically disappear overnight.

But, we do know clients who experience a reduction in pain and discomfort after only a few carefully constructed classes.

Please bear in mind that:

  • no one approach fits all and you may require additional private sessions before joining a group class, even at the beginner level;
  • Pilates is amazing but if you have a long history of back pain, it is prudent to seek the advice of an allied health practitioner to complement your Pilates regime.

What is unique about the approach to the back and back pain at The Movement Refinery?

The Movement Refinery offers a specialised and accessible approach to improving your comfort no matter how serious your back pain. Start with a private session (or more if you can) to determine the postural and movement factors that contribute to your pain.

Our studio director holds multiple comprehensive Pilates qualifications and is an Exercise Scientist. TMR works with the Classical Pilates method to increase your understanding of how you move and improve your quality of life.

For our wonderful community of certified Pilates practitioners:

Back pain is probably the most common reason people attend Pilates these days. But what is it and how does its treatment and management affect your class programming? No matter how experienced the teacher, it’s important for us all to go back and review our knowledge of anatomy and the body as a complex movement system.

To this end, TMR offers a number of educational opportunities through ‘TMR Presents…’ a unique series of professional workshops, such as this upcoming back-related beauty:
The Refined Back – Pilates and Non-specific Low Back Pain (NSLBP)
WHO: Presented by Susan Cottrell (Physiotherapist, Pilates teacher and owner of The Body Refinery in Brisbane)
WHEN: Saturday 7 April 2018, 2-5pm.
WHERE: The Movement Refinery, 526 Nicholson Street, North Fitzroy.
BOOKINGS: Spend three fun and fascinating hours with Susan who will help you understand NSLBP and how Pilates can and does change lives. BOOK NOW.

Do you need help with back pain? New clients come and take advantage of our new client special and let us know what you need. If you’ve visited TMR before but need more guidance to better back health then please get in touch for a tailored plan.