Mentoring is an important part of The Movement Refinery and Director Nicholas Psarros’s mission, with both studio and director providing Pilates enthusiasts and those who teach the craft a unique platform for gaining knowledge and excelling in their growth.

The Movement Refinery offers a number of opportunities through ‘TMR Presents…’ a series of professional workshops that are accredited for Professional Development/Continuing Education Points with both The Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) and The Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). The curated and highly considered workshop series, provides a diverse offering that seeks to nurture and support graduate Pilates teachers in addition to offering ‘post-graduate’ style training for established instructors. The series are presented in the inspiring TMR studio space at commercial rates.

With over 15 years of experience, Psarros is the heart and mind behind The Movement Refinery and is also the founder of The Melbourne Pilates Teacher Network (MPTN), which he continues to lead today.

MPTN is a peer lead network, which exists to support like-minded instructors who are comprehensively certified in the Pilates method, on a professional and social level. The network provides professional development workshops, social interaction, introduces mentors to mentees and provides a forum to share and discuss concepts and concerns. Specially within the TMR space, a specially curated annual collection of professional development workshops are held, and lead by inspirational and knowledgeable practitioners from all corners of Australia. Find MPTN on Facebook and request to join today.

You can find out more about both ‘TMR Presents…’ workshops and events through the MPTN on our News and Events page.

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