Hi Pilates pals,

New space, new training options – read below if you’re looking for something fresh in your week


In our vision for your Pilates education and TMR experience, I see Wunda class as an additional class and maintain that the ‘core’ of Pilates is met weekly  by  1 x Reformer class, 1 x Studio class and use then the Wunda as a tasty garnish. You may choose to swap one of your Reformer or Studio classes for Wunda and then add autonomous training to make up the apparatus you have missed!

If you haven’t used the Wunda before, Joe Pilates invented this apparatus for clients who wanted to exercise in their Manhattan apartments but had little space. It is designed to actually flip over and double as an arm chair.  In a way it’s like a small Reformer and leans more towards the gymnastics and weight bearing work to build strength. Equally, it offers you a test and a tiny workspace to enhance your Teaser, Swan or traditional Mermaid. The chair repertoire also has a lot of functional standing work to build improve your balance and pelvic power.

You can train:

  • Wednesday 7:30pm (Marnie) – Open level but pitched at those less experienced with the apparatus
  • Thursday 6:30pm (Chris) – we will convert the current progressive studio class to a Wunda chair class designed to get clients up to the progressive level on this apparatus.
  • Tuesday 6am (from July) – progressive level


NEW TRAINING OPTION: Autonomous practice 

Once we are settled in at the studio, I will be opening an autonomous practice programme for clients who are cleared to participate and looking to take their practice to the next level be it physical, mental or emotional. After a consultation, we will prepare a programme or two for you to execute that aims to help you reach your goals.

You can be at any level or experience within our clientele, you’ll just need to be comfortable being in the studio unsupervised, operating the equipment and following a programme without teacher supervision. This is a great way to take of rehab, pre-hab or a specific movement goal like finding more mobility or strength into a target area. Sessions are scheduled for an hour but you are welcome to exercise even for 30 minutes and build up from there if this style of training is new to you.

Access is available for no more than $25 per play and you will be able to book spontaneously in Mindbody to attend between 5:30am and 10pm. This is a great way to add a third, fourth or fifth session to your programme without schedule restrictions and at a lower price per session.

This is an additional service and intended for those who are utilising our group or private training consistently, it does not replace lead tuition.

For shift-workers, freelancers or parents who are wrestling with our current schedule, I am happy to waive the attendance policy of a minimum of 2 scheduled group classes per week and decrease to one scheduled group/lead class and two autonomous sessions for a total of three per week. Working this way will be supported on an individual basis and with a trial period to ensure that we are still meeting our service and educational requirements to you.

All participants who elect to add autonomous training will need at least one paid private session to establish a programme and then review sessions every 6-8 weeks to make the most out of this training stream.

If you’re curious, please contact me.