Thank you for your enquiry into training at the Errol Street studio this year. An email has just been sent to those who have expressed interest in training with us. We value your privacy, please alert us if you would like to be removed from this list, or if you’d like to stay on the waitlist for our next client intake in January 2023 (this will follow the same schedule and structure FYI). For those neighbours looking to train with us, please read on .. and please remember that first come, first served.
Our books at Errol Street were full and I wasn’t going to run a new client course, however I am in the process of recruiting and training instructors for 2023 and having additional custom equipment being made for us in New York. As a result we will have spaces opening up in the short-term for a new client course. Our course is limited to five clients for your comfort and best results.
At this stage, our group classes are not for injured or pregnant clients, please look to private training sessions so that you are best supported. Also, please look at our studio guidelines (attached) so that you are aware of our expectations for clients. We don’t take on clients who can’t follow through or commit to our schedule and studio guidelines, so please feel free to take your time and consider whether we are the right studio for you. We seek to work with clients for the long-term and for this reason don’t permit casual classes, drop in classes and have a minimum training commitment of two sessions per week. Please also note the terms of late cancellation policy and direct debit guidelines.
I can assure you, we are worth the wait and while we may be high-maintenance in our expectations from the outset… you won’t find another studio like us and we will work diligently to support your wellbeing.
To start up with us, you’ll need to complete the following induction process
1. At least one private session between 17/10 and 28/10 –  55 minutes, cost $130 paid in advance to secure your booking.
We utilise this session to understand your history and motivations for attending the studio as well as preparing you for your new client course on the Mat, Reformer and Tower (time pending).
Available times – please reply to this email ASAP with your preferred time and two back up options
17/10 – 7pm
18/10 – 12:30, 4pm, 5pm
19/10 – 7:30pm
22/10 – 11am
24/10 – 4pm or 7pm
25/10 – 12:30, 1:30pm
26/10 – 8am
27/10 – 4:30pm
28/10 – 12:30pm, 1:30pm
2. Attend our new client course, 8 sessions :  Saturdays 10am and Wednesdays 7:30pm kicking off on 29/10 and concluding 23/11. We appreciate you may miss one or two to existing diary conflicts but any more than that and we would ask you to sit out until our next intake in January.
Cost: These sessions are $32 per class on a direct debit of two sessions per week, totalling $64 per week for the duration of the course
The Movement Refinery new client course consists of 8 x 55 minute group sessions
In these classes we will work on the fundamentals of human movement and may offer you exercises to work on at home
Provide an orientation to basic Reformer exercises
Work on some classical Reformer repertoire
Dip your toe in to the original Pilates mat sequence
Combine pre-pilates exercises with the Tower sequences such as arm springs standing and supine and leg spring selections to solidify your body awareness, postural connections and movement capabilities addressed in our earlier sessions
After your new client course we place you in starter level classes. After a period of time (months, not weeks usually) and when you are ready to progressive level, our schedule will open up to other options.
In late November and beyond our starter level group classes with vacancies may include but are not limited to the following. We ask you to pick at least two of these sessions that you can attend at least 80% of the time.
Monday 7pm
Wednesday 6am, 12:15, 6:30pm*
Thursday 5:30pm, potentially 6:30pm
Saturday 10am
*suitable for clients who are ready for a challenge
So, what’s next?
If you’d like to sign up, please reply to the email at your earliest convenience once you have digested our studio guidelines and when you feel it is the right time to let TMR into your life (cheesy, but true).
I am finishing up annual leave but can respond to emails. I send best wishes for minimal impact by the current storm and flood conditions and look forward to meeting you when the time is right. Again, if you would like to be removed from this direct email list, please reply and I’ll do so immediately.
Kind regards and thank you for embracing our North Melbourne location as we celebrate one year of trading.
Nicholas Psarros