Happy New Year Pilates pals!  There’s a lot going on, please read what’s relevant to your training stream…. See you on our beautiful new equipment soon, by the way we are open on 26 January.

Locations, leases, and what not

We wrapped up at Nicholson Street on 21/12, a tear was definitely shed but the night prior, the lease of 268 Rosslyn Street was signed so champagne was also poured. I worked hard to get the council permit application in on the new space just prior to Christmas and we hope to hear in a few weeks if the permit will come through for February, March or beyond. At this stage, the exact date of our move across to West Melbourne can’t be determined, but as soon as I know more, I will let you know.

Regular schedule is back!

All teachers are now back in Melbourne, recharged and ready for your 2024. While many of our clients are still away, it is delightful to welcome our clients from Nicholson Street across to Errol Street and see our Pilates pals starting to mingle between the two locations. We hope that you enjoy meeting some new faces and can have a laugh or a drink after class.


Over the next six weeks, Nic and Chris both have a few things on between uni, festivals, birthdays and summer sillies. Chung will substitute for Chris’s 6:30pm class each occasion and Nic’s 7:30pm private slot, however all other sessions will be cancelled on the following Mondays

22/1, 29/1, 12/2, 26/2. Thank you for your understanding!

Saturdays rotating roster 

This year, Chung will continue to staff the North Melbourne studio however Chris, Frankie and myself will sub in once a month to allow for weekend respite. This has been reflected in Mindbody so that you don’t have a surprise when you open the door each Saturday and you’ll enjoy a reminder email 24 hours before your class as well which notes the staff substitution.

Advance notice – annual leave

Nicholas will be away for one week at the end of February – Friday 23/2 and returning Friday 1 March … golly gosh it’s a leap year! An email will soon be sent to those impacted.

Mindbody notifications got you down? 

As you’ve noticed, Mindbody generates several reminder emails, this can be fabulous at times but infuriating at others. Please head to your account settings and customise the notifications that best support your digital wellbeing.

For your reference – a link can be found here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=5734458&stype=-98

New curriculum for all group classes

Commencing from 5 February, we will roll out a new way of teaching classical Pilates in the group setting, it’s a world-first and something I have been chipping away at for several months. Having observed trends, lulls, growth in the clientele over the last twelve months, I have decided to offer a stronger framework for your group classes to ensure we are staying true to our service guarantee and also our legacy and lineage to the original work; ultimately this is to ensure consistency in your training and the best use of your precious time.

It is a 16 week programme which aims to

Increase your physical fitness including strength, mobility and endurance

Build your body in the studio class directly relating to the Reformer curriculum of the same week

Encourage you to be proactive within the method with fast recall of the exercise names, the series and how to adjust the equipment efficiently

Provide clearer pathway to being in the correct level class

I am meeting with your teachers over the coming weeks to put the finishing touches on this programme and look forward to seeing your development in the first half of 2024. Of course, we will see how this eventuates and troubleshoot as needed but I am confident that the method will build serious and independent Pilates practitioners for those who opt in and similarly, a safe and effective workout environment for those who prefer a less serious/committed environment.

Google review request 

If you have something positive to say about your time with us, we would love you to make a contribution by way of google review even a couple of times a year… it really helps us to stay relevant in the digital world and can pump up the tyres of your instructor too. It doesn’t need to be Tolstoy length, just a couple of sentences or words will do our google listing the world of good.


Nicholas and Co.