30 October 2021, our new clients began and real Pilates came to North Melbourne. 

The six-week renovation was completed by early August and we were due to commence in sparkling brand new studio, alas we went into lockdown. So … Chris and I used the studio as a film set for TMRNOW+ and we got to know how the space worked for a few months. When the COVID-19 trading restrictions were modified and it was acceptable to train outside, my generous friend allowed clients into her carport so that we could support the Nicholson Street clientele and also start to work with the future Errol Street clients. It turns out this came at the perfect time for some people who were impacted in many ways by the previous years and lack of access to quality exercise services. We will all be in your debt Kerstin, thank you for offering us a home. 

When the news came that we could reopen the studios… I sprang into action, cleared the waitlist for Errol Street and then … the dam wall burst and locals were begging to start with us IN THE FLESH. 

Those first few months out of lockdown were incredible. I regularly worked 45 sessions per week to accomodate the eager and supportive clients of Errol Street and welcome back our beloved crew at Nicholson Street. We were masked, we were shell-shocked and we knew better but hoped ‘it’ was over. 

Since then, we said goodbye to a few people at Errol Street, but have been working largely with the same crew that started before Omicron brought in the new year. Thanks to the generosity of my dear friend and cheerleader Kim Rowe, we were able to borrow two towers/wall units and offer more training spaces at the studio. I was finally able to clear a handful of clients from our waitlist. 

Next year (hopefully before Easter) another three Reformers/towers will arrive and our borrowed towers will return to their true home. You’ll also benefit from some new faces on the teaching roster …. Vanessa (from Nicholson Street), Marnie and Frankie! 

This year has tested my limits and made me question my choices…. repeatedly. It has been magical but there have been plenty of silent screams. I am grateful for what I have been able to create and even though I can be grumpy and impatient, I am so very lucky to work with each client … whether it’s a season or a lifetime. Thank you for making The Movement Refinery of Errol Street an absolute gem. 

We will continue to do our best because we are built for you. 

Image 1 – the facade that intrigued me

Image 2 – the transformation from one business to another begins 

Image 3 – film set for tmr now , loving how the light comes in and dreaming of having clients after lockdown 

Image 4 – film set continues 

Image 5 – our last day in the carport – a temporary home thanks to a very generous friend 

Image 6 – current layout of our beautiful bijou studio 

Image 7 – the Cadillac enjoying the sun