Hey North Melbourne Pilates Pals,

Good news for Errol Street, The Movement Refinery Pilates once again supports you to feel that Pilates is more than just a Reformer by offering you access to our Guillotine once we wind down the operation at Nicholson Street. Our Guillotine is available in private sessions, Joe’s Gym and for progressive level clients who are able to work independently and soon our autonomous sessions.

The Guillotine was originally called ‘gym in a door’ and acts in part like the Cadillac Push-Through Bar but on a vertical sliding track. This mechanism offers you feedback in terms of working with pure symmetry; if your right or left side work harder on the bar, it dips on one side and inspires you to find your centre. It is not necessarily for advanced clients, but the user certainly needs to have their head in the game on this apparatus. The Guillotine is also used for advanced hanging exercises as well as stronger gymnastics inspired sequences. It does borrow exercises from the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Mat and ratchets up the intensity and reduces the support.

This wonderful shot from LIFE magazine is a well-known image of the Pilates studio including Clara (Mrs Pilates – well by name but not by law). 

We are pleased to offer you a broad education and immersion in the Pilates method beyond the Reformer. We don’t know any other way. It’s what we do.

Ps please check out @pilatestransparencyproject and support our colleagues fight against unlawful and grotesque faux-protections (gatekeeping and hoarding) of the rights to share images like this one. ♥️ Bravo team!!!