Welcome, In these workshops at our North Melbourne Pilates studio I’ll look to Kathy Grant’s exercises that she used to teach the fundamentals of each Pilates movement and then use my own special sauce of Reformer sequencing to bring you a workshop specific to a theme – one on the curl and on twisting and bending. Kathy was big on breathing and finding an inner movement with your breath, so we will be exploring ‘how’ to breathe, when active breathing can help is with a sticky movement and will bring in some vocal assistance (talking, hissing, humming, shouting?) as well which often goes out the window when on the classical Reformer.

In this session …

Rotation, twisting, side bend, side lean … ugh … how do you get the length in both directions and not crunched over on the Reformer? This workshop aims to provide an experience opening up your flanks and working on connecting to the mid-line while twisting and turning through drills and then the original series. We’ll have a play on the mat, in standing and on the other apparatus too, most likely looking at the short box series across the studio.

118 Errol Street, North Melbourne : Saturday 5 August 2pm – 4pm