December 2020

Now that I have a great team in place and we are finding some balance in 2020, it is time to take the next step in my career and focus on instructor education and maintaining my wonderful existing clientele. I am developing an on-demand instructor education platform as well as rolling out my course across the country next year so I won’t be taking on any new clients.

I am proud of The Movement Refinery as a space for the Pilates method and an oasis for clients to come each week to train. Now, the first point of contact will be with the teachers who call TMR home. New clients are welcome to book online through our website and complete a first steps package. From this point you can join semi-private tuition or our starter classes. 

The exception will be for industry professionals who are looking for 1:1 sessions with me either at 526 Nicholson Street or on Zoom. If this is you, please email me and I can share my availability with you. 

The Movement Refinery continues to be a space to welcome clients of all backgrounds and goals and a home for wonderful teachers who are looking to share their point of view with the original Pilates method. 

To all of the clients who have stuck with us through 2020 or recently commenced training with us, thank you. We look forward to working our magic together and making 2021 one to remember.

Nicholas Psarros