Hey pals, Happy Monday to you all! Thank you for your support in the great Mindbody migration of 2023. I have been informed that Mindbody is not showing which classes are at which studio. I’m sorry about this glitch! In fact, it won’t change until we go down to one studio. For your reference when booking/changing regular classes, I have prepared an analogue schedule below for your reference over the next two months,

Also, this is the week where Errol Street changes over to a different designation of class apparatus based on days of the week. Moving forward Saturday – Wednesday 8am will be Reformer and the balance, Studio class. This will enable clients to have improved access to more than one apparatus and more consistent programming across the week.

We are looking forward to our regularly scheduled classes this week and remind you that we are open tomorrow!

See you soon,


The Movement Refinery schedule (by teacher)


Nicholas – North Melbourne

Chris – North Fitzroy

Tuesday morning 

Chung – North Fitzroy

Frankie – North Melbourne

Nicholas – North Fitzroy until 11:30, then North Melbourne to 3pm

Tuesday evening

Vanessa – North Fitzroy

Wednesday morning 

Nicholas – North Melbourne

Wednesday evening

Frankie – North Fitzroy

Marnie – North Melbourne

Thursday morning

Chung – North Fitzroy

Frankie – North Melbourne

Nicholas – North Fitzroy

Thursday afternoon/evening 

Chris and Nicholas – North Melbourne

Friday morning 

All North Melbourne

Saturday (November)

Chung – North Melbourne

Other instructors – North Fitzroy